Has anybody here used Drover before?
It’s a short term car ‘subscription’ which seems useful for it’s rent per month ability.
Seems to be a good option if you need a car and will be coming into some money soon, also seems to be possible for people without a great credit rating.

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Never heard of it, but sounds interesting! I’ll have to take a look.

I’m living right in the centre of my city so I have very little need for a car, not to mention parking would be a nightmare. If this can be used for a few months at a time I’d be very interested. :thinking:

Thanks for sharing this :blush:

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Really like the look of this, prices are actually not too bad,
Includes car, all maintenance and insurance.

The price shown doesn’t include insurance or maintenance. They want £80 a month insurance on a 1.0 Volkswagen up. Just got a quote for a year for comparison - £280.
Also, the car rental price shown is monthly on a 12 month contract, it pretty much doubles for month by month rolling.

It’s really expensive Toyota CHR is £450+ quid without insurance and maintenance.

We’ve got one, including all that £234.

For the ability for month by month I guess it was always going to be expensive.
It depends on your circumstances and why you’d only want a car for a short term.

I guess so. I think I’d always go and just rent a car for short term if I didn’t have one.

Is this different to renting?

I suppose not.

Just thinking traditional rental probably isn’t going to work out much cheaper of at all.

I imagine they’d be roughly the same otherwise they’d price themselves out of the market straight away?