NFT like Reddit - Introduce Monzo Avatars

Hello :wave:

Would you ever consider introducing collectable Avatars (NFTs) for the Monzo App? Reddit have done recently and it’s boosted their community massively and the collectable NFTs have made their community base money, I got two :pray:

On the Monzo app there’s a section for your profile picture which hardly anyone uses - I don’t think anyone I know does. I’d love you to introduce NFT options there, everyone on Monzo would go crazy and you’d be the first bank to do it I think.

If you do, please may I request a collectable for suggesting the idea (if someone hasn’t already)?

You could even have certain clothing for the Avatar which is unlocked once a certain amount of savings is accomplished. The option to have this feature hidden to others is important though as it’ll indicate your savings.

I’m not sure, but if you can consider that, please do :slight_smile:

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I speak for myself here, but I would not go crazy.


:popcorn: this thread should be fun


Possibly the worst idea that’s ever been posted.


For those not in the know Reddit actually rugged its own community literally the other week.


LOL fair enough haha

Wow, thanks


Absolutely not. That is all.

Aren’t NFTs crashing in value at the moment?

As an example I’m sure I read somewhere that the original “monkey” one that Justin Bieber paid over a million for is now in the tens of thousands value range.

Well it’s going up again but that’s temporary until we see another nuke again. Depends if you believe it’s bottomed.

Down 81% from the giddy May 2022. Looking at a floor of 29 ETH now

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$1.3m to $51k

That’s the one… ouch!

Okay, but if you had to pick just one of these two ideas, which would you pick?


They get half a gold medal each!


What is being “rugged”?

A false security of being nice and stable and having the rug pulled from your feet when you are least expecting it. A rug pull.

When the devs hype up a project, get all the investors involved with their money and then abandon the project and sell out never to be seen again.

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Here’s a great thread of the funny ones I can remember :thread:

I must have missed the NFT craze. I don’t get it.

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