"Available" Balance


I’m seeing so many people (on Facebook group) using tons of pots to move their main money around for bills so they can get to a Main Account “available” balance for the month.

Would it not make sense to just have that number available to us? So next to the current balance would be an “available” balance of current balance minus bills?

I also feel like this is too simple and I’m missing something already available to me?

If you set a budget you set up with with the money available to spend excluding committed spending

Then just use your left to spend figure

You don’t even need to set a budget. It should all already be working on the Summary screen from the get go.

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I always set a budget as I start every month with good intentions :yum:

Yeah, I can see my commited spending as a totaled figure, but I’m talking about when I’m viewing my account. Just something for an “at a glance” figure. What have I got available, without having to set up budgets etc.

Maybe it’s just me.

If you want to see it ‘at a glance’, go into settings -> monzo labs -> enable new navigation.

It’s coming soon and you can see it now if you’d like :slight_smile:

You should also be seeing the ‘left to spend’ figure in your summary at the moment anyway and not just a committed spend figure. It should be you account balance minus your committed spend figure.

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Already got the new navigation turned on and I don’t see anything like I’m talking about.

I also don’t see a balance minus bills figure in my summary.(Android)

I see a total bills, bills remaining, but nothing that shows current balance minus bills remaining.

This is very confusing!

under your account balance on the new nav is a figure that is structured as ‘x left for y days’. X here is the amount you are looking for. On the summary page, in the middle of the circle at the top, it says X left to spend. X here again is exactly the figure you are looking for, the biggest number on the page!

No, I don’t see that under the main balance.

And on the summary, the number in the middle of the circle is based on setting a budget. My real world disposal income could be £1000 but I could set a budget of £500 so it’s not the number I’m looking for I’m afraid.

I’m talking about actual balance minus bills.

I don’t have a budget set and what you are talking about is exactly what I see. My actual balance minus upcoming bills for the period.


No it’s not.

I agree it behaves differently if you do have a budget but if you don’t then you get the result of subtracting your remaining committed spending for the month from your current balance which is what I think you’re asking for.

Oh, Ok.

I’ve always had one set, so I guess I’ve never gotten to see this.

All I needed was educating.

Thanks, I will check it out now.


I’ve never had a budget set so also needed educating from the other side! Glad it’s sorted now.