Should I keep Monzo statements?

Hi all,
Just getting feelers of what others do.
Do you download and store your Monzo bank statements?
Could a downloaded statement be used as evidence/proof of transaction etc?


Your entire statement history is available on-demand in the app whenever you need it.

I don’t see the need to store or download statements unless they’ve been requested for some sort of business/expenses purpose or if a company requires a statement as proof of address.


But what if for whatever reason the statement history was lost or corrupted in app?

it would be stored on monzo’s servers and I’m sure they have lots of redundancy in place to stop this from happening.

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As above :point_up: they’ll have backups of backups of backups so I wouldn’t worry about it :slight_smile:

Can confirm they have backups or can self generate new statements when required.

My statements were corrupted for a few months. Now that it is fixed I can access over that period.

Valid question as some companies only keep statements for 12 or 13 months.

Monzo keeps your account history indefinitely (at least so far, and if that were to change I’d expect an announcement) and generates the statements on the fly when you request them (so they don’t technically store them, they just generate a brand new PDF from the transaction history), where as most (all?) legacy banks generate PDFs monthly and then store them for a period of time before deleting them, after which it’s very hard (but not impossible - technically the law forces them to keep transaction data for 6 years, so if you ask long enough, or do a GDPR subject access request) to get them back.

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