Automatically import transactions to YNAB

(Christian) #21

Okay, no doubles since yesterday morning. Maybe it was just a quirk with YNAB.


(Christian) #22

Nope, still the same issue. Very annoying.


(Matt C) #23

Just came across this:

I get that someone has put the time into making it, which is why they are charging for it. I just wish YNAB would pull their finger out and provide it as part of their service.


(Christian) #24

This is the same guy who made the plugin that everyone in this thread is using.


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(Ben ) #25

Hmm, I’m still getting double syncing problems. It went away for a couple of days and now is back.

Weird timing all around. Since the way the whole Heruko set up works is that you make a copy of the tool at the time - it must be something to do with how either Monzo or YNAB handle their API?

Seems to be incredibly intermittent though


(Ben ) #26

And hmmmmm - I just tried to log in to see what it’s all about - there’s not very much information on here about stuff in general to make me feel safe using it.

Hey, sign up with your credit card and we do the sync thing

Is about all it says. If they’re going to add a chargeable service I feel like more detail is needed.

I’m just trying to add Monzo via that service (via True Layer)- it seems like it uses the API so details are safe - but I’m not 100% convinced.

Although, it does say they can see my name and address - which does not seem like a permission they need.

Edit to add: OK so I’ve just logged in via the True Layer thing - it is indeed using the API permissions - if you use any other bank account that doesn’t use an API or open banking, you give True Layer your login credentials which makes me nervous.

The process of setting Monzo (and I assume Starling) is super quick and easy - and much easier than trying to use the Heruko thing that this thread started as.

The downside is it pulls in transacations with the merchant name as it would appear on a bank statement / however the merchant is set up with their processor. Where as the manual version pulls in the “display name” -

e.g. first transaction is how it imports with the manual tool (and how it is displaye din Monzo app). Below is the app/online tool version.


So not ideal. Prefer the original method. Especially for £2.50 a month.

On the plus side, hash tags and emoji don’t sync with it.


(Christian) #27

I’m still experiencing doubles in my transactions. I’m gonna try and reach out to the developer and ask if there’s been a change.



I checked and I only had one webhook…I tried removing and re-adding just in case - will see if any better.

It seems like Monzo is calling the Heroku service twice, once when transaction is made, and again when it clears? As for foreign currency transactions, the second api call has the adjusted (final) value. That is actually useful for foreign currency transactions, but it’s annoying having to delete all the duplicates every day.


(Christian) #30

I think I found the solution!

Go to Github and look up “Updates on Heroku”. It’s a bit of a hassle to update the plugin to the latest version, but after doing so this issue should resolve itself. You can also select automatic updates during this process so you only need to do it once.

Hope this helps.

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Ah brilliant Christian - thanks - I didn’t realise they had updated to fix this issue. I have updated so let’s see how it works.

For others, I followed the steps at this link:

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Thank you! It works!

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