Auto-Redacted bank statements

I have to provide proof of address to register for a new GP and I’m going to have to use a bank statement for this.

I think it would be handy to be able to download bank statements with sensitive data, such as account number, pre-redacted. Perhaps having some options for exactly which details you would like redacted could be useful. I personally like to redact everything except dates and my address from the bank statement, unless the account balance is specifically required, so being able to configure the redaction for specific needs would be handy.

It’s quite time consuming to redact details on my bank statements, and I don’t particularly want to give all of my banking details when I’m providing proof of my address.

What do you folks think?

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I think this is a good idea

In the age of GDPR I think more control of your data is always a good think

My one concern is that it might be easier for someone to forge one as if everything were redacted it would be easy to make one up in word. Not that it is that hard now if someone really wanted to

You can usually use driving license for proof of address as well. (though they might require 2 forms)

I like the idea. I have always just given the full statements but now I question why that was never a concern of mine!


That’s true. Unfortunately, I don’t have a driving license currently, hence needing to use a bank statement :slight_smile:

I agree it has been a concern of mine would be that companies would just start saying unredacted bank statements instead.

Annoying handing over a piece of paper with your address and black boxes everywhere doesn’t feel that trustworthy

Maybe generating a letter from Monzo stating your address, and that you are a customer of the bank, should be a separate function?


Yes that is a better idea. Though it does annoy me how many companies say you can’t print your own off

Tom has talked about this in the past. Rather than using insecure and forgable paperwork, companies would use Monzo’s API to ask the bank directly for confirmation of details.


Perhaps they could offer a service similar to the DVLA - you go into the Monzo app and request a ‘Proof of id code’ - you then provide that the organisation and they go to a central website and enter the time limited code and get bounced to Monzo’s site (as the code is tagged with Monzo’s sort code) which asks them for your DOB and/or postcode for secondary confirmation and get- ‘Yes, the person providing you with that id code, DOB and postcode does have a valid account with us - download this certificate as evidence for your records’.

Of course, that’ll require a ‘central trusted service’ to route everything as otherwise people will go ‘How do I know is a real bank site?’…

In the meantime, @nsteer you could take a photocopy of your statement with the relevant details covered up and provide that for their records - but take in the original statement for initial confirmation/comparison (‘yes, this is a copy of an “original” statement’).