Auto-delete a virtual card after one transaction

Here’s how I often use a virtual card:

  • Create a card called (what else) “Burner”
  • Make a transaction online
  • Get navigated away from the virtual cards page to do an in-app challenge
  • Fail to remember to delete the burner :man_facepalming:

Now, I noticed that you can now auto-delete the cards on a certain date, which is great, but it would be even better if the card could just be valid for a single transaction (ignoring active card checks, obviously). That way it would be a real burner card, and would close the security gap opened in forgetting to delete the card.

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A single use virtual card :pray:t3:


I guess this is kind of like Revolut’s approach, in the way of Disposable (usually Visa) Cards? Super cool idea.

How does it work on Revolut?


Full disclosure, I last used Revolut in 2020-ish. BUT

You’d have a card setup, I think it was pink called Disposable Visa. Then everytime you used it online, the details would change. Pretty cool


I would personally like an approach like htps:// - Single use virtual cards & you can limit the transaction limit on the card.

So if you were to sign up to a free trial that said it was £10 after the trail and the merchant tries to charge more than £10, it won’t go through, extra security

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Hopefully someone brings that concept over the ocean to the UK, would not go amiss.

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It only needs a partner bank, They handle the rest - I did try and sign up, but you need a U.S issued card and bank to sign up

Basically, they handle the cards and just take the money from the linked bank account as far as i’m aware. that seems like a risk in itself though

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