The ability to get a physical virtual ‘disposable card’ read desc

Ok just hear me out: imagine the use of a virtual card in hand form such as when you’re traveling you can bring this but leave your real card at home or using dodgy shops or even if you have a career and give them the virtual card instead which has no details on the card of your real one And when you’re finished you can remove it and throw it away, This way It saves the Hassle of changing everything also saves the fear of fraud

Although to prevent plastic waste and spam this should have a set cost such as 2 free a year if you have been on plus for at least 8 months and then if you require more then maybe a £5 charge per card?

Just a thought

If it’s physical then it wouldn’t be virtual

You want something like Starling’s companion card?


I was about to mention that (I have mine, but don’t need to use it)

Kinda like that! Exactly like it although I know nothing about starling so never knew it existed :slight_smile:

Or maybe an additional card somewhat like a Curve card. So you can assign a specific virtual card to it and you could then delete that virtual card without having to get a replacement physical card then assign a new virtual card to it… just a thought!!

Edit: I’m thinking something like a Companion card, not this as a replacement for the main debit card!

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That sounds perfect

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I’ve added your quote to the main title aswell, I think something like that would be absolutely perfect

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If it was a premium feature rather than plus (if premium happens in the future which I believe it will!) then I would definitely upgrade just for that!

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