Ideas for virtual cards

Monzo Ghosts cards
Single-use virtual card to safely shop on websites that you do not know or trust.
Disposable virtual card
Create and use instantly
Closes instantly after the first spending

Monzo Gift Card
Send a virtual Gift Card to your loved ones. They can only use it on the brand of your choice.
Used as a virtual card
Sent immediately or on a specified date
Can be used for 1 year
Has its own balance

Monzo Children Card

Send a virtual card to your children. They can only use it on the brand of your choice. Can be added to google pay/Apple Pay.

Used as a virtual card
Sent immediately or on a specified date
Can be used as long as you decide.
Pocket money.
Has its own balance from pot Monthly spending limit for children.

Cashback Program offers instant cashback on a certain amount of your purchases that you make from the merchants and/or categories under this menu. Or the option to have it paid monthly.

Could Include Spotify subscription

Gaming/Xbox subscription

Netflix subscription etc.

More reasons to use monzo.

The option to buy general store gift card in app.

A little sub- section that has the ability to buy gift cards directly from monzo.








The option to view water and electricity readings in the app. (Technically not sure how easy this is to do, but other apps I seen do offer this in banking apps)

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“Ghost cards” is unlikely to happen because there’s a limit to how many virtual cards you can create/have. So until this is removed, this wouldn’t be a good idea as you’d burn through them very quickly.

Childrens cards has been suggested before. Be sure to search and add your vote there to increase the number.

Cashback. Also suggested before so be sure to search and add your vote to this topic too - although what you’re asking for is easier said than done.

Sort of on-topic: How many card numbers do Monzo have available anyway?

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I think what you need here is Revolut.

Single use cards, child account cards, free virtual cards, gift cards, all on the free tier.

Then cashback on the metal plan 0.1% inside EU, 1% outside, up to your monthly fee (poor I know).

Revolut <18 accounts also available, up to 5.

Not sure how you’d even get meter readings into your app or why you’d ever need that.

This was a late night question I had in my head. I believe it’s a 100 card per year limit for virtual cards on Plus. Capped at 5 per time (?).

If 6mil customers did that at once, would there be enough to go round?

How do they work? Are they recyclables? Is it a matching processes IE card number first, if multiple exist does it move on to next metric IE expiry date, then CVV then name/address?

Too many questions :upside_down_face::joy:

I am lead to believe they are recyclable - from all I’ve read on the mastercard set up, it should be possible to create a new CCV2 and expiry date that create a totally new unique set of references. Not 100% on that though.

Theoretically, the BIN used for Virtual Cards (516859, aka the first 6 digits of the card number) should be able to allocate a total of 1 billion numbers.

i.e. 6 digits for the BIN, 1 digit for the Check Sum at the end, leaving 9 digits for card numbers.

If Monzo have more than one BIN for Virtual cards then that multiplies, but in principle you should get 1 billion cards per BIN.


I already do this with a couple of Virtual cards linked to my Personal account. Each Saturday, an amount is automatically transferred from the Personal account to each Virtual card. The VC’s are set-up as payment methods on their phones. It works well but 2 things aren’t possible - the kids can’t see their balance (they have no app to look at) & you can’t limit the spending, other than being declined if they try & buy something more expensive than their balance.

Unless Monzo launches dedicated childrens accounts for under 16’s, I’m waiting for the kids to hit 16 to open Monzo 16-17 accounts. One of them is later this year, so my problems are halved :wink:

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