Atom Bank Feedback

From ‘This Is Money’

’A former member of Donald Trump’s cabinet is plotting to snap up British digital lender Atom Bank in a move that could see it listed on the American stock market.

Wilbur Ross, who served as commerce secretary, is in advanced talks with the Durham-based lender regarding a £700million merger with his special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), Ross Acquisition Corp II.

SPACs are shell companies that are listed on stock markets, then raise money with the aim of finding a firm to acquire.'

Where is Monzo these days with regard to going to market? Saw a guy on Twitter the other day, touting his Monzo shares for sale.


Hopefully not being bought by anyone who counts Trump among their friends.


Is this the best savings account In terms of rate and amount of money able to be stored?

No, that would be Chase @ 1.50%

Or Virgin Money @ 1.56%. Or even higher at Zopa if you are prepared to give a bit of notice.

I didn’t include that as their criteria included “and amount of money able to be stored”.

Virgin interest is reduced dramatically after £25k

At least in terms of not being environmentally detrimental

Well, I suppose it also depends on how much you’ve got to play with, and whether you pay any attention to the £85k FSCS limit, or any other personal principles or criteria one might have.

I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition…just pointing out a couple of other options. :smirk:

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.


Da da daaaa. People of a certain age? :grinning:

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Atom now seem to be offering a 6 month Fixed Saver for 2% AER. Multiple accounts to a total of £100k.

Other fixed time periods are also available.

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Don’t know if it’s due to the heat, but I can’t access the Atom app at the moment. Been like it for the past half hour. Anyone else have the same issues?

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No issues here.

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Must have been a glitch on my phone…it seems to be working for me now.

Okay now it’s down :joy:

You’re not alone.

I get same App Unavailable screen on launching app

This morning the Atom app is saying that my device doesn’t appear to be connected to the internet.


Ooh, so you can post on here without data or WiFi!

Clever :man_facepalming::rofl::rofl:


Apparently an issue with their “partner”. I did read something about data centres going tits-up in the heat yesterday…

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I love how quickly Atom are to react and increase their rate.

This only brings them up to Marcus now,

And I believe the base rate has leapfrogged both products now too.

Definitely feels like atom are playing rate match with Marcus.