ASUS Zenbook Pro

(Simon B) #1

This is the kind of crazy innovation that I like to see… a full touch screen instead of a trackpad!


No I don’t like that!

(Kolok) #3

I think it’s a great idea (and another thing to easily get smashed lol)


Very strange and weird trackpad to get used too.

(Peter Roberts) #5

I’m not sure if the utility gain from this :thinking:

(James Murray-Ferris) #6

Hmmm interesting but I don’t see how much use you would get out of it. I get the feeling you’d always want to carry a mouse around so that you could use it for those apps instead as a mouse pad

(Tim Chambers) #7

I’m not a fan. :nauseated_face:

(Jon Rushton) #8

Take a look at that before making judgement… it’s novel.

(Andy) #9

Just one word for me WHY???

Just because you can doesnt mean you should.