Anyone got a magic keyboard

Recently bought a iPad Air 4, tempted to get magic keyboard to go along with it. Anyone got one and if so would you recommend it?

I have one for my iPad Pro great bit of kit very weighted tho it’s about as heavy as my 12” iPad Pro

Yes have got my hands on one in Apple store and seems a well built bit of kit. May purchase come Black Friday, just wondering really do people make use of it or find themselves lifting iPad off and using it without keyboard? Should say it would be mainly for leisure use not work.

I have one but I don’t use it unless I am doing super serious long form written work. The biggest drawback for me is that it doesn’t fold back behind the iPad so to use it for handwritten notes/drawing you have to remove the iPad from the case.

So my go to keyboard is the Smart Keyboard folio as it’s more flexible.

Ok thank you will have a look at Smart Keyboard folio.

Honestly, I think I like the idea of the Magic Keyboard more than I like the actual product.

I find when I’m doing “big work” on my iPad, I tend to plug it into an external display with a full-size keyboard and mouse. The Magic Keyboard adds a large amount of bulk, so honestly, I only ever really use it for travel. To do things over again, I’d maybe get the Smart Keyboard and a little Bluetooth mouse.

*this is from the perspective of an 11-inch iPad Pro.

If you were to be using it mainly on lap on sofa which would you pick?

I would pick the smart folio unless I was going to type a whole essay or it was dark and I needed the backlit keyboard.

I type away with the smart folio on my lap all the time and even used it to type a degree essay a couple of years ago.

Thanks for all the help, will have a think and see what offers are around.

Yeah I mainly use my iPad with the magic keyboard. It’s expensive but worth it. Though I’m going to be mad if future iPad iterations change dimensions and don’t work - I had a brilliant Logitech iPad keyboard a few years ago that was only compatible with that years release so as soon as I upgraded my tablet the keyboard was thrown out :frowning:
But yeah it’s super handy if you’re doing a lot of writing or even messaging. If you use your iPad a lot for work or creative projects I’m sure it’ll come in useful. It is heavy but my iPad is either on my desk or in a backpack so its not really noticeable.