It’s a kinda magic...trackpad? 🎩

When I first owned a laptop, I remember how awful trackpads were and how the first peripheral I bought was a USB mouse.

Trackpads seem to have come on leaps and bounds; with gestures and 2 finger scrolling but for some reason, I still grimace at the thought of using a trackpad full time and retreat back to the safety of my mouse.

For some reason, though, the Apple Magic Trackpad appeals to me and has been the closest trackpad to tempt me away from the norm. It’s probably the gesture support that does it, to be fair.

Does anybody have any experience of using the Magic Trackpad (2) alongside a Mac in an office environment? Will I regret not choosing a wireless mouse instead?

I have one and I could never go back to a mouse with a desktop computer. I have an iMac (with Magic Trackpad 2) and a MacBook Pro. It is great having all the same gestures on both.

Mice just feel weird now.

Have a Magic Trackpad 2 that I use with my MBP (when the lid is closed).

Use it for more general web browsing, but use a gaming mouse for work (CAD stuff)

I’m assuming that’s more for the buttons than the usability?

Yeah, 7 buttons and accuracy makes it quicker :grin:

The Apple Magic Trackpad is great and a really good option to go for when desk space is at a premium. You can fine-tune the settings, as with any trackpad, so that it works best for you; pointer sensitivity, touch or press to click, etc.

The only reason I’d say for choosing a mouse over a trackpad would be if you were going to do a whole bunch of gaming. In which case the Apple mouse isn’t great for that anyway. I have a cheap-ish Logitech mouse that I use when I fire up Steam to play games that need a mouse.

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I used to use the original Magic Trackpad with an iMac, but now use the jumbo trackpad on a MacBook Pro. It’s amazing how quickly the gestures become second nature and you no longer think about them, but you miss them when you find yourself on another machine and really miss it.

However, there are occasions where a mouse is just easier. Particularly when clicking and dragging to move a lot of things around the screen --video editing or graphic design for example. If you already have a mouse, it’s a great addition though.

I have two, one at home and one at work. Couldn’t live without them. I have magic mouse too for occasions when I want to switch but love the trackpad most of all.

I have a Google Pixelbook at home and its trackpad is simply outstanding. Absolutely perfectly for almost all my uses

However at work, in software development, I am most definitely using a mouse at every opportunity

I am not sure there is a perfect answer that covers all cases

Apple have absolutely nailed the trackpad, and the Magic Trackpad is just a bigger version of it! It’s amazing.

I use mine alongside a Logitech MX Master and having both ready to go is fantastic.