Mass update categories for similar transactions


Is there any logic in Monzo to try and guess categories based on previous categorisations? Would also be good to have the option to apply categories to all similar transactions.

Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog :male_detective:

They have this functionality in the Emma app


I know. It’s even better in Moneyhub, but I would expect it from Monzo.

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Once you change the category of a transaction for a merchant, the app will apply that category to all of that merchant’s transactions in the future. There’s some edge cases where that causes issues but as a general rule, it works pretty well.

Personally, I’ve probably ‘changed a merchant’s category’ less than 20 times in the two years since I’ve had Monzo so I’ve not found that retrospectively updating the past transactions has been a big task.


That’s good, but clearly if we (hopefully) end up with a lot more categories, it could become tedious, especially as our spend from other accounts is pulled in.

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Let’s wait & see :sweat_smile: