Assign money coming in to a transaction

I paid for something between 6 people. Rather than using the feature to split the bill I just sent out my details. I would love to be able to assign the money that came in to the original transaction of money going out.


Have a look at this thread where the idea has been discussed:

Not that there is a solution at the moment, but you are not alone! (Incidentally, I would also like this.) The whole spending/targets feature is being completely redesigned and rewritten, so hopefully this issue will be addressed in that.

My bad. When I did a search nothing came up.

Yes this is exactly what I would want in a feature. The ability to manually link transactions together to one main transaction… it would be very useful to have especially in situations like these where you are the main person paying for something while everyone else transfers over their share of the bill!

It’s only because I remembered about this previously on the forum that I managed to find the right combination of words to find the older thread. :wink: