Artha by FirstDirect

(JoeO) #41

When I first read your comment I thought you were writing about Artha (due to the topic title) but rereading I realised you are referring to the HSBC app which is of course different.

With Artha it seems (unless I am missing something) that you can only see your spending over the last month which is less interesting and less useful…


(Karim) #42

Yes seems there is no HSBC specific post.

I tried Artha when it was first released. Very far behind! And not much of use



just got my artha invite - really not impressed

To add an FD account you need to input the account password and memorable data, but if you background the app to copy these from your password manager, it clears the other entry!

No way am I typing two 64 char random strings in.

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(Andy) #44

Artha is pretty useless at the moment unless you exclusively use Amex cards.

I imagine when they add other Fin Techs such as Nutmeg, Moneyfarm etc they will do better. But at the moment, you can only add them as bookmarks. Which is utterly useless.