Aren’t legacy banks just great


I almost forgot how far behind legacy banks are… A text about my app being out of date? Almost archaic. :joy:


Would you prefer they just not tell you then you call saying it’s not working?


The whole point about communication is getting the message across. I’d say that this has been achieved. So :+1:


My point is their technology is so out of date they can’t even send a push notification or display the information inside the app.


A text message (if you’ve allowed communication via sms) is a reliable way of getting information across with the most likelihood of it actually being read. The bank can’t guar You allowed push notifications, you may not allow physical mail, or email etc.

Of all the options sms and email are probably two of the best methods of informing a customer reliably.

The bank I imagine also has a reasonable responsibility to make sure your informed on your ability to access your bank. A good job on them I would say.


Banner in app, notice after the cutoff date if you try to use it

Neither are useful if you don’t go into the app before the cut off. If monzo made a major change that required an app update I’d expect to notified appropriately. Waiting for me to open an app that won’t work isn’t really that great.

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It makes you realise just how good Digital Banking is!

The toughest thing about Digital Banking is persuading others to try them.

if they plan to stop supporting the app version you are using, and you have app notifications switched on, they could send a push notification to advise you of this.
If you have switched notifications off on your banking app (I can’t imagine why anyone would want to do this), then they could send you a text message as above. Best of both worlds?

I don’t like receiving texts like the one the OP received, especially from banks - I don’t think is particularly secure. Numbers can be spoofed - it’s possible for someone other than e.g. Royal Bank of Scotland, to display the banks name above the text (as far as I’m aware).

App notifications are secure (on iOS at least, I don’t know about Android?) and the fact that legacy banks mostly don’t seem to have started supporting technology like this is one of the reasons I moved across to Monzo

Do you want me to have a word with them??? :smile::smile::smile:

I got the point, thanks. I see you are using iOS, auto updating your apps with this new fangled technology would have stopped the out of date technology bothering you … and the creation of this thread :wink:

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