Don’t understand message in app

(Brian George Rainey ) #1

Gettin a piss of message of push message on my app . I’m a normal person Not a banker and don’t understand your speake. Please make it easier for the normal person. Thank you.

(Rich) #2

literally don’t understand what you have typed :thinking:

(Scott) #3

Is this Friday night talk? Few to many :beer:?



20 characters

(Herp Derp) #5

I think everyone is thinking this about your post :joy_cat:

(Patrick) #6

Does it look like this?

Don’t need to be banker to understand notifications on an app may be delayed!! :joy:

(Benjamin Doherty) #7

im interested to see what the notification was?

(Herp Derp) #8

Or does it look like this?

(Kevyn) #9

It must look like this. It is hard to understand Monzo’s messages without an advanced (or ancient) education.


I was bored :grin:.

(Tony Hoyle) #10

So, Monzo is a Goa’uld plot… I knew it.


Now you will need the help if SG1 and co to help save the day :wink: