Monzo's Tom Blomfield on lie-ins, video games and finding his zen

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Bit of a weird article, it’s like they had couple of questions answered and then tried to make a story and just trailed off into describing what Monzo is than about the guy behind it, rather than a proper interview. :neutral_face:


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Yeah, this caught my eye - “On the bank’s forum, users can vote for new features, which prompted the name change from the original Mondo to Monzo,”

Thought that was because someone else already had Mondo as a name?



Yeah it wasn’t because the users wanted it changed. It had to be changed and Monzo asked for suggestions.

The article feels like it could have been:

Tom, 33, enjoys playing Starcraft, cooking with his girlfriend and waking up after 8am.

Here’s the original post:


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I’m more World of Warcraft :wink:

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I wonder who the other company was who challenged Mondo?

Also love this quote

“It can be painful to change the name of a product, but – being the optimists we are – we think this is a great opportunity to come up with something even better…”

So true! I think Monzo is so much better than Mondo, whoever that other company was I believe they did us a huge service!

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It was Monedo. Monzo finally revealed this in their most recent crowdfunding prospectus.