Are categories and tags shared in joint accounts?

I’m considering Monzo for the joint account we use for day-to-day spending. What I’d like to know is:

If one of the two people in a joint account categorises and/or tags a transaction, are those actions visible to the other person?

And I understand that if you recategorise a transaction from what Monzo automatically applies, it will do the same thing for future transactions from the same merchant - is this behaviour also shared with the other person?


I’ve re-categorised things (and added notes), and have it be reflected in my wife’s app, if that’s what you mean. Haven’t tested it with revisiting those merchants, but would guess so?

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Yes, as mentioned by Hatticus catagories and notes carry over to your spouses/joint member account. I can confirm from from first hand experience. Both phones also get a notification of any transaction or transfer taking place.

Myself and my wife started using Monzo as our joint account a few months ago now, and honestly I’d struggle to think of a negative thing to say about it. Great stuff.

Just realised I’ve replied to a message from 7 months ago! Oops


Also, changing a Joint Account pot image in one account reflects in the other account too.