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Has anyone here used Aqua credit card to build their credit score? My credit score is :face_vomiting: and I’m trying to build it back up so do you recommend aqua credit (sorry for the terrible English)

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I have an aqua reward but bear in mind that you build up your credit history! After 3-6 months aqua will increase your limit, aqua reward doesn’t charge you for using your card abroad and also has 0.5% cashback

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Theres also something called Loqbox that might help, instead of the traditional way of using a credit card to ‘borrow’ money to improve your credit scorw, with Loqbox you save money monthly over 12 months, with each payment effectively treated as a credit payment therefore helping your credit score. You have to open a specific account to have money paid into at the end of the 12 months to get back, or pay £30 if you cant be bothered! Lol

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Are the cards contactless yet?

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You can Try this

Also if renting can try credit ladder

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In general as a card, the app is not the worst of the worst, faster payments show up immediately, but the 0.5% cashback is limited to £100 a year, I think.

It also works well with the Curve card, which is an easy way to make it contactless, if it still isn’t



My card is contactless

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Might try and get mine upgraded :slight_smile:



Here was the reply when I tried:

Please be advised that contactless card are chosen based on a range of selection criteria initially. But eventually all customers will have contactless cards.
Once you are selected for this card, you will be notified accordingly. I hope this has answered your query. However, if you should have any further questions, please contact us through our online Customer Servicing Website.
Thank you
aqua Correspondence Team

So it looks like contactless hasn’t been rolled out generally. No hint of what the “selection criteria” might be