Aqua Reward Credit Card

Looks like Aqua have had a bit of an influx of pissed off Tandem cashback customers :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

(Me included lol)


I wonder if theyll be binning the rewards card for good too. In which case the only remaining decent cashback cards will be Amex, I believe. Is it to do with interchange fee caps?

Theres the natwest reward credit card, though its a 瞿25 annual fee if you dont have a reward account too.

Santander still do the all in in card, with 0.5% cashback for 瞿3 a month.

I have recently got the Amex card to try and get something back before it goes.

Unlikely to hit 瞿2000 spend in three months to qualify for the maximum 瞿100 though, however, working on putting as much of my normal expenditure on it between now and mid-April, then focus on the 瞿3k mark to make the cashback eligible for payout in 2021.

Doubt I shall keep it for a second year though as I already miss the clear trail of expenditure on my monzo newsfeed, and categories goes out the window.

瞿3k in a year on a credit card is massively unusual for me since my move to Monzo. Only normally use credit cards for purchases over 瞿100 for the s75 protection.

瞿3k at 0.5% is a measly 瞿15 return and I value my pre-Amex budgeting higher than that.

You spoke too soon :sob: wonder if it will stay around for current customers though or if they will withdraw completely it like Tandem did

Where do you do most of your shopping? Whenever I need to reach a target such as that one, I buy whatever I can, and then to make up the remainder, by buying Sainsburys or John Lewis gift cards. Essentially its just bringing forward spending youre going to make anyway, and it means you get your Amex reward.

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Lol. Gift Cards may be my back up plan.

Was looking at the range in supermarkets yesterday.

Could do with one doing a 20% off deal in next three months, such as Tesco did around November.


Aldi :slightly_frowning_face: No Gift Cards for there

Not as painful as most of your spending being done at places that refuse to take amex.

(My dad always curses about that ever since he got his)

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Oh well thats one credit card off my list to apply for then!!

As Ive o ly had my tandem card for a few months Ive already got a hard hit on my report now so havent been in a rush to apply for a replacement.

Amex is looking like the way to go.

Unfortunately for me, Amex is a non starter.
Its the fee free overseas spending that outweighs any cashback.