Approving transactions without a phone

Hi, has anyone had trouble confirming transactions when their phone has been out of order? My iphone died, I’ve been trying to purchase a new one for over 24 hours but I can’t approve the transaction without my phone because it seems Monzo only lets you do that on an app!


Yes you will need your app for retailers who require 3D secure payments

Does the retailer have a call centre you could phone for the order instead or install your monzo app on a friend or family members phone so you can approve it in app?

I’m not sure this is Monzo specific. If you need to confirm a 3D secure payment, other banks would send you a text (which you could not receive without your phone either). Do some banks still have passwords with entering characters 2, 3, and 5 for example?

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You can request 3D secure by text with Monzo too. Would probably be something that should be on Monzo Web if it’s not already for this sort of situation.

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Maybe not a great alternative when you don’t have a working phone!

I’ve been caught out maybe once or twice by 3D secure since I don’t have the Monzo app installed on my day-to-day phone and I seem to always be lacking signal for a text. But I guess I’d be moaning if I had to remember a stupid password too. :sweat_smile:


Withdraw the money from a cash machine and pay in cash.

I presume this is a payment over the internet.

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If you can’t temporarily install the Monzo app on someone else’s phone or an iPad, then I think you would be best to call Monzo and explain the situation, 0800 802 1281. Hopefully they can manually approve a transaction or have some way to solve this.

I kind of hope they can’t because technically that means the whole system is insecure and anyone who pinches your card could have a transaction authorised.

I do agree that the ability to approve transactions needs to be in Monzo web though.


If they could send an authorisation code to your registered email, that wouldn’t be any less secure than the way we log into the app or web version. I admit this seems unlikely given no one’s ever mentioned such a mechanism before.

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If they request ID via email (like a selfie with your driving license) then I can’t see a problem with this.

The retailer would probably timeout the transaction long before all that was done

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But if you did it in advance of initiating the transaction with the retailer? I’m thinking something similar to when I requested COps raise my transaction limit in order to purchase our house. Like, in the next 24 hours I intend to spend £X with X merchant.

Given the current reported delays on responding to emails, you’d need to be planning your purchases well in advance. You’d also need to know in advance whether or not it was going to be necessary.

We are talking about the OP’s very specific purchase of a new phone?

Yes. It was an unexpected purchase. The OP had been unable to contact Monzo by phone, and the reported waiting times fo email responses are over 24 hours.

So there should be an alternative (maybe by logging into

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