Apple Watch App

(Hugo Cornejo) #21

That’s the thing. I really wish there’s an “iPhone 4” kind of moment for wearables at some point so tons of functionalities unlock, but so far it’s not happening… maybe it’s not meant to happen at all :slight_smile:


I was in an Apple Store on Saturday after a new band. Spoke to an Apple Employee who asked if I used it much and I said not really. She didn’t then talk me through all of the things it can do, maybe because it can’t do much?

For me, it’s too much of just a fitness device. Everything is focused around that. Texting on it is hard work, phone calls are near impossible.
I wear it every day but if you ask me the time I will still get my phone and look at that :joy:

Monzo on it would make it worth the purchase I reckon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #23

I read texts ad E-Mails on it and I also reply via text now that scribble is on there, I keep an eye on my heart rate (dunno why) but other than that it is just a toy.

(Tom ) #24

I like the idea of Apple Watch, but in practice, I’m not moved enough to get one. I don’t quite understand their usefulness yet.

(Alex Brooks) #25

Not to hijack this thread too much, but the Apple Watch is easily the best fitness tracker on the market. Wasn’t easy switching from being a 3+ year Fitbit user but I do love it. Not to mention that it’s a stylish watch.

(Paul Thomas ) #26

Would be good to see an Apple Watch app to Monzo

(Colin Robinson) #27

What would you want it to do?

(Alex Sherwood) #28

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(Brandon Billingham) #29

I’d settle for using Rich Notifications to do this but the main thing I want to do is change the category of the transaction without opening the app.

Balance at a glance would be good as well as recent transactions.

(Adam Robertson) #30

I’d prefer an iPad app over an Apple Watch app (Apple Watch owner).

(Jack Donovan) #31

It would look very very basic atm mind… What more could be on it than is already?

(Adam Robertson) #32

I don’t need anything more - I just want to access my Monzo account on more devices than just my one phone. To be able to just do all the things I can already do on the phone, but on my iPad lounging on my sofa with a bigger screen, would be ideal.

Barclays and other traditional banks have this, so shouldn’t be a huge stretch for a tech-focused bank like Monzo.


+1 for this feature

Balance at a glance is all I’d require

(Andre Borie) #34

I built a prototype of a :monzo: Watch app, just a read only app displaying your balance and spent today + scrollable list of transactions (just like the phone app). Would anyone be interested?

(Dafydd Thomas) #35

Yeah I am. Would be great to see.


Yes Yes :heart_eyes:

(Andre Borie) #37

The main blocker at the moment is the lack of API access; you people would need to bribe the Monzo folks and get them to issue me a client ID & secret that can work with any account (unlike personal ones which only work for your own account).

Another option would be for my company to become an AISP but not sure whether it makes sense from a business perspective considering the app itself will be forever free.


What do I need to ask Monzo? I’m up for this

(Peter Shillito) #39

Is having people enter their own personal ID an option? Also, I thought Monzo were making an API live soon anyway?

(Caspar Aremi) #40

I’d really like to be able to check my balance, and possibly move money between pots. The +/- interface feels like it would work well on the Watch screen.

I’m constantly checking before I go and buy lunch or groceries because I keep most of my money in pots until I need it.