Apple Wallet - Monzo transactions all pending

In Apple Wallet when I look at my Monzo transactions, all of them just show as pending, and don’t update to approved once the transaction settles.

But with Amex, the transactions do update from “pending” to “approved” when the transaction settles.

Any reason for this?

Mine are pretty much all showing as approved, but I’ve got a few Just Eat transactions going back to January that are still showing as pending.

Are all yours showing as pending, or just certain merchants?

Is this in Apple Wallet? It only shows recent transactions so e.g. on mine currently it’s going back 6 days.

I tell a lie though - 1 of the 10 transactions in the list is “approved”, but the other 9, covering multiple different merchants, are all showing “pending”.
In the Monzo app, all of those 9 transactions have settled.

I’m seeing similar. Some Approved, some Pending, a mix of sources and amounts. All of which have settled in Monzo.

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Yup, in the Wallet app. My ‘recent transactions’ goes back to January. Not sure if that might be an iOS 12.3 thing as I’m on the beta.

Yeah think that must be an iOS 12.3 thing, preparation for Apple Card.

Edit: although having said that it doesn’t look like you use Apple Pay on Monzo much, so maybe that’s why yours go back to January? Do you have more than 10 transactions listed?

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Oh hey you’re right - it’s 10 transactions. I use Apple Pay on my Watch for most things, while my phone is used only for in-app stuff like public transport and horrific pizzas.


We unfortunately don’t control this mini-statement. It’s a mixture of Mastercard and Apple sourced data. :cry:

American Express control everything past Apple so they are able to implement certain things much better than we can.


Ah! Thanks for the response @Rika , another one of life’s mysteries solved! :grinning: