Apple Upgrade Program

Picked my new phone up yesterday on the upgrade programme with no issue. The guy that put it through was a Monzo account holder too!


Not as rare as you might think, I saw a fair few in Barrow, and a worker in Tesco recognised it…

I think we might have hired a bunch of folks from that store too :joy:


I think it was @Dannytc that pointed out to me that 1 million users is one in every 65 people in the UK which is pretty mind-blowing! So we should notice more and more people with them :slight_smile:


Indeed that was me, it still amazes me!

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Just went and successfully used my Monzo account on the upgrade program :raised_hands:t2:

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Even less of you exclude the people who can’t have a bank account (under 16s?) which is a significant amount of the population.


Upgraded for the second time on my Monzo account! No issues!

So if 63…1% of the population is aged between 16-64 years old… That means potentially, 1 in every 42 of UK that is “targeted” has a monzo… :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

(65,648,054*64.1% = 42,080,402.614)

Why 64? Is there a secret upper limit? :thinking:

No lol, they just didn’t give a percentage for under 16 and over 64s on the site that was listing the population lol, just the percentage between that age bracket


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