Apple TV+ : Would you pay for this?

As opposed to all these TV shows? Which are being given away for free!

My point wasn’t that they should give away free storage, but that it would be much more of an actual value add for far more people.

I wouldn’t pay for it at this point in time.

I’m interested in watching The Morning Show and Dickinson, so if I could binge them all during a week’s free trial, I might do that.

That said, I’ve seen plenty of streaming services come and go without me finding time to take advantage of their free trials, so.

As for See, I had zero interest in watching that from the off, and actually went into multiple negatives of interest after finding out it’s from the bloke who directed Serenity - possibly the worst film I’ve had the misfortune of watching this year. The big twist is not only predictable, but also comes with a big double dose of “This makes no sense” and “Who gives a fuck anyway?” Ugh.

Similarly, I was almost tempted by For All Mankind, but then remembered I’d been burned by Ronald D. Moore before.

(Realistically: I’ve got yer bog-standard TV with the BBC/ITV/C4 and their catch-up services; I’ve got Sky+ with box sets and recordings (including of aformentioned channels); I’ve got Amazon Prime; and I’ve got access to a Netflix log-in; and also hundred of DVDs/Blu-Rays. I’ve more than enough to watch already. The Sky box keeps me going more or less by itself, Netflix is mostly Queer Eye and intermittant binges of 20-30 minute comedy, I’ve barely touched Amazon Prime even though I keep telling myself I want to watch lots of things on it - Bosch, American Gods, assorted films - and oh heck, there’s Youtube as well (Try Guys, Sorted Food, Hot Ones, all the music videos). Something would have to go to fit a new streaming service in. More likely I’ll entrench my existing choices or even give up on streaming altogether*. I wonder if this is what they meant when they said may you live in interesting times.)

*Much like how every videogame nowawadays being an epic demanding >20 hours of play to scratch the surface, nevermind make the most of it, made me nope out of consoles some years back. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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As an Android / Chromecast user there doesn’t appear to be a way for me to use the service? Seems like they’ve made the decision for me :sunglasses:

I get one year free because I purchased the new iPhone, but for £5 it’s neither here nor there.

Excited to see where it goes. I’ve seen See and Snoopy so far and enjoyed both hugely.

Having watched For All Mankind and The Morning Show, both my wife and I like them. Even if it wasn’t free for the first year, I’d still subscribe and that’s without having watched other shows yet.

Don’t read the reviews, besides I get more enjoyment from that than my short membership as a Plus subscriber :joy:

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We got one year for free so I’d hope that by next November the library much bigger.
I really liked See, The Morning Show and For All Mankind. The Elephant Queen was great but I didn’t like the style of the narrator. I dropped Dickinson after episode 2.

You’ve watched all of those shows already? Wow!

:joy: I know, I had last weekend free and took the opportunity to binge watch stuff. In all honesty it has been few weeks that I haven’t found anything interesting on Netflix.
I’m actually looking forward to the new episodes to see where this is going, quite curious about Servant too but again, I find Shyamalan a bit of a hit and miss.

People are using the “extensive catalogue” that Netflix has as a massive plus point over Apple TV+, but for me, and a load of other people I’ve spoken to, the vast majority of Netflix (certainly in the UK), is utter tosh.

The best stuff for me, are the Netflix originals, and these can be very good. If Apple only ever has a limited number of shows on the books, but they are all of that type of standard, then I can see it being a success.

Generally speaking, I don’t ever listen to the critics reviews of entertainment shows, sometimes, it feels they over analyse for the sake of it, and seem to be looking for Oscar worthy performances in every scene.

I imagine it’ll be the kind of service (at the moment), that I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy, but would potentially renew if I used a year for free, and then liked the shows.

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I am really struggling in finding “WOW” series from Netflix lately. It feels like they went with quantity over quality in the last year.


For me, even with the vast majority being tosh, there’s still more than enough worth watching in the minority that I’ve enough to keep me going.

Oh, I agree at the moment. I was late to Peaky Blinders for example, so I’ve been catching up on that with my wife (no spoilers please!)

But a lot of it is just that… catch up. It’s stuff that has been released previously, that you have a chance to watch again.

The Netflix originals are usually great to watch, but the great shows are few and far between these days.

If it was a choice of Netflix with 10 decent, original shows for £8.99 (or whatever it is), or Apple TV+ for £4.99 with 10 decent, original shows, I’m picking Apple all day long.

As of right now, I haven’t seen enough to make me jump at a free trial for Apple TV, but that’s kinda to be expected.

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Nope. I don’t want another subscription service.

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There is the Witcher and season 3 of The Crown to look forward too :grin:

Yes! I look forward to both of them! :slight_smile:

Good Omens is worth the time.

But in general I agree… it’s just ‘there’ and not really used.

I have a netflix watch queue that exceeds the number of hours I watch TV in a month, so whereas there is a lot of stuff I won’t watch what’s left is more than enough to justify the subscription.

They’re also quite good at highlighting things I might like. Amazon are supremely bad at this, leading to the impression there’s nothing on there because the list of available shows is full of stuff I wouldn’t give a second glance to.


I got a new iphone this year so have the free trial, but yeah I’d pay for it. £5 is cheap enough not to matter to be honest.

I absolutely loved See, and I was ready for it to feel like one of those cheesy Canadian sci-fi shows. I don’t get the negative press at all - it looks beautiful, is well acted, the story is compelling. I was a little sad they only released 3 episides up front. The Morning Show is the same - absolutely compelling, full of drama, the lead actors are all brilliant. It was like The Newsroom or Studio 60 done right. For All Mankind felt a bit weird, not being a NASA nerd it was hard to know what was real and what was ‘alternative’ history, but by the third episode I was in for the ride as it’s clearer how it’s deviating. (I spent a lot of time on Wikipedia looking up names and missions!). I’ve not tried Dickinson yet, but I think next time i have a sick day i’ll probably binge on it.

I think they’re smart drip feeding the content to be honest, they want it to pop up in the Whats New section regularly with new bits. It’s not like Netflix where you spend hours looking for something that looks decent enough to watch, everything they put out is going to have a certain quality level, like Netflix did when they pushed out Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. Before that it was lots of crappy shows from US network television. It took Netflix a year or two before they were releasing originals on a regular basis, for a long time it was every few months, then monthly, then weekly, now every few days they have a new show going out.

I’m happy to pay for Netflix, Amazon and Apple TV+.

I’d probably pay for Now TV if its search and dashboards weren’t so pathetic. If they rolled out a proper system so it was almost like a streaming Sky+ subscription I’d jump in on that too.

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Potentially yes. If I can watch the shows I want then I’ll have to subscribe to most of them (The Expanse, Stranger Things, Prime and Netflix respectively). In my older age I am spending more time at the TV and I want to watch quality without being siloed with one provider forever flicking through the library and not finding anything.

After I found that happening to me, I made a rule for myself. I now make sure I already know what I want to watch before I open Netflix.

At one point this led to me having my own TV schedule, in effect. “Ah, it’s 7:30pm on a weekday, time to watch another episode of Brooklyn 99!” “9pm Wednedsday, time for another episode of Queer Eye”, etc.

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