Apple to resurrect iPhone SE in 2020?

Interesting. Apparently the design will be based on the iPhone 8.


That’d be a mistake in my opinion. The small screen size of the SE was very popular. Sell an updated version for a decent price and it’ll sell well.


Yeah, the big draw of the SE for me is its size. I’d be happy with a bigger screen if they can fit it in the same overall size (i.e. reduce the bezels), but otherwise there’s no point in it for me. I don’t want a big phone.


I have a iPhone SE for work and I hate it!

I am definitely not a fan of iOS or the small form factor.


Is there any way to actually prove that? I’d wager that the price had a lot to do with it.

The SE was fantastic value when it originally launched. If I remember correctly it was basically a mini 6S (top of the line at the time) for significantly less money.

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I have one too for work and hate it… but its cause the screen is too small :man_shrugging:t2: … my personal phone XS Max.

Sorry I don’t have anything scientific to back that up, it’s just the threads I’ve seen over at Macrumors about how people really just want a small screen size with updated hardware. I get forums aren’t a true sample size however.

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Neither do I! :wink:

But the SE is pretty much the only successful small phone out there. I just assumed that no one else makes small phones for a reason.

I also don’t have any figures, but anecdotally I know quite a few people who have one, and they all value the compact size (but fully featured). It would be interesting to see data on this, though.

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