2020 iPhones to have 5G

With this in mind, if you were planning on getting a new iPhone next month when the 2019 ones launch, will you still do so or wait another year?

  • Still upgrading this year
  • Holding out until 2020 or beyond
  • Done with iOS, moving to Android

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You missed an ‘iPhones suck’ option. :wink:


I swapped from iPhone to Pixel 3a this year, so it’ll be at least 2021 until I consider changing. The reason I swapped was due to the cost, so unless Apple drop the price I’m going to stay with Android (and Google).


I only buy a new iPhone if a compelling feature is released or my phone dies. I came up with that rule after I bought every iPhone before the 4S but when back to uni so had no money.

I skipped the 5’s and I got a iPhone 6 for the NFC chip. I skipped the rest for 3.5 years until it fell apart and bought an iPhone X.

A 5G iPhone may make me upgrade depending how good the signal is where I live on the edge of the Pennines. I get a poor 4G signal as it is. If not, I can’t see anything compelling enough to make me think of upgrading.

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You’re staying with Android.

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I’m not expecting Apple to have a good year, iPhone wise.

The leaks don’t seem to show much meaningful difference from last year.

Which means not much meaningful difference from 2017.


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I started with iPhone 5 was my 1st iPhone and upgraded in feb to XR and never been bothered re 3* 4* etc :wink:

There’s hardly any 5g coverage yet anyway.

I had a look at ee and Vodafone both where I am now (NE London zone 3) and where I’m moving to shortly (SE London zone 4); zero 5g coverage in both.

Just bought a Huwaei P30 Pro (no 5g) as it will take ages for coverage to become widespread.

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I upgraded to the XS last year.
I feel this year is going to be very meh from apple.

I’ll likely upgrade to the 2020 version of the iPhone XR. If only so I have access to 5G for the foreseeable future + the phone will hopefully have USB C instead of lightening.

Support works into the cost as well keep in mind, so they actually work out about the same price or cheaper for a comparable phone.

The other option would be that Apple drop support for phones sooner like android and pump out more phones to keep up the phone cycling.

I’m not expecting to change phone for at least four years or more with an iPhone.

At least in the US, I’m expecting 5G to be about as useful as having an aerial on my phone. I don’t buy any claim that it’s going to do anything meaningful to speed for most people. I hope it’ll improve things at concerts and conventions, but that’s about it. The US cell operators are just terrible, so expecting anything is a joke.

Still getting a new iPhone anyway, though.

It should prove quite useful in rural areas, providing better speed and latency at longer distances.

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I switched to Android last month after 12 years of using iPhones. I don’t really regret switching at all! The S10+ is great. And I wasn’t too bothered about waiting for 5G - it seems Three will be spreading the rollout over 3 years, so it’ll be more established by the time my contract is up :slight_smile:

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