Apple stock tanks by 9%


Mac Mini most I could afford :wink:


Anyway this post is about Apple dropping 9% not my spelling or punctuation :joy:

(Oliver) #23

As someone else stated, I don’t feel that android phones stand the test of time well.
Hardware wise all latest flagships are great at launch from any manufacturer, but similar to windows laptops, they slow down quicker over time.

I was using a Note 9 for a while, and used a 3rd party app called Blockada to block tracking by Google, and my god it was scary how often Google took info from my phone. That alone is enough to put me off.

As for iPhones, yeah Apple seemed better under Jobs, but they still make great stuff and still outsell any other flagship. The trouble is more the market imo. Smartphones are at saturation point, and people are becoming more aware of spending. 1k+ every 1-2 years is just too much.

On a side note, the Galaxy Note 9 was £1000 at launch too, but as all android phones, they quickly lose value (a plus point for Apple resale)

(Simon B) #24

Right, but Samsung offer smartphones at every price point, and the value loss is relative to the price. A Note 9 may well be worth £150/£200 less after 6 months, but a midrange (like a Galaxy A9) would only be £50 or £75 less.

I don’t think smartphones are at saturation. I think £700+ smartphones are at saturation.

Samsung seem to have figured this out - right now you can bag an S9 for £599, which is insane value considered it’s actually still their flagship phone (S10 is still a couple of months away or so).

( #25

If ever Freetrade fractional US shares was needed, it’s now.


My thoughts exactly

(Oliver) #27

Yeah, agreed. If android offered the same level of security and privacy as iOS then I’d have kept my Note 9 until the iPhone 11.

I’m not personally the kind of person that would buy mid range phones, a bit of a geek. If I’m upgrading, I want the latest and I’ll make it last.

What I’d really like to see is a 3rd or even 4th major mobile OS to offer me more alternatives. I wish windows phone had been successful

(Only available in amateur ) #28

The stock market is nervous, it’s over reacting to every announcement by every company. It’s just as likely to rise by the same amount next week

(Jai Sullivan) #30

Yeap I agree — I honestly think the era of yearly upgrades for marginal technological and design improvements is over. People are either spending less elsewhere or opting to hold onto their current iPhone for longer :iphone:I’ve always had a new iPhone nearly every year, but the next could well be the time when I stop given they’re now coming in at £1.2k a go!

(Michael) #31

My company put out what looked to me, software engineer not financier, like decent results across the board

Our share price immediately went down by 10p


(Jai Sullivan) #32

Ha! So true! Always read external news sources, not the internal comms pieces they send out :wink:

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #33

Also, share prices are based in part on an expectation of anticipated performance. If performance is good, but not as good as expected, that’s bad.

(Stefano) #34

While at the moment I’m personally affected by this (I invested some money in Apple stocks a few months ago), I like to think that this turn of events will ultimately be positive for both Apple and its customers. It has been a few years now that I feel Apple has been quite complacent in terms of innovation and predicting what their users really want and need (and how much they’re willing to pay for it). Hopefully now’s the time they step up their game again. It might take some time, but I’m sure they’ll recover from this period.

(Jai Sullivan) #36

Well put, little bit of a reality check I feel (and I love Apple).

(Charlie) #37

My personal thoughts are that the majority of customers aren’t feeling meaningful upgrades to justify huge price tags.

Agreed. I normally went for upgrades every two years. iPhone 3GS > iPhone 5 > iPhone 6 > iPhone 7 Plus > iPhone X Max. But it was definitely a choice to upgrade to the XS rather than a need. With the previous generations I’ve found myself have to say “ok time for a new one”.

I don’t know if this is a good thing, in terms of: iPhone 7+ lasting me two and a half years and me not “needing” a new phone. or is it a bad thing that not that much has changed since the iPhone 7?

(Paul) #38

I waited 3 years to upgrade 7 to Xs. Feels like a worthwhile upgrade but echo sentiments that Apple
Phones are too expensive. I couldnt afford to upgrade yearly or bi-yearly anymore. I think many people are in same boat hence the sales warning in part

(Matt C) #39

I have had a 6 since they were first released (2014 I believe?). If it wasn’t for the battery and perhaps the fact that I went for a smaller number of GB than I could have I would probably just move forward with it. I don’t really like the idea of face ID which has sort of put me off upgrading to the latest models, although I do prefer the shape of them and bigger screens.

At the end of the day, the price of everything is going up, I am trying to save for a house deposit and so I end up having to make the choice of whether or not to try and afford a holiday as well as save or buy a new phone. The holiday has won out every time. I just can’t justify spending £700+ on a new phone, especially when my current one is still functioning. It is starting to feel that I need to upgrade soon though because 16GB these days just isn’t really enough to store media, the OS etc Also with every update to the OS everything feels slower.

(Nick) #40

Perspective. Looks good to you because you’re looking yourself at how they compare to previous results, so any improvement is good, eh?’ve done 2x last year. You can’t see much to complain about there. But investors were told you were expecting to do 5x, and that’s why they’re unhappy and the share price has gone.

In since ways it’s similar to how a movie can pull in a decent sum at the box office yet still be considered a bomb. Because there were projections that haven’t been met.

(Splodf) #41

Just to add to the already great post above:

It does sound like you were overpriced and the market was expecting (betting on) greater results then those given, the share price then normalised on results released.

(Kenny Grant) #42

High pricing combined with the beginnings of global recession.

At the current price I think Apple is a buy though for the long term.