Apple Pay - what happens if the account is closed?

Good Morning

If I have an apple pay account that is linked to my Monzo account, and I closed that Monzo account - would any funds withdrawn to apple pay after the closure of the Monzo bank account

a) be returned by Monzo direct to the client (via cheque or otherwise)
b) remain in the apple wallet
c) be returned to the original sender?

Thanks in advance


You can’t withdraw to Apple Pay, it’s not an account.

If the account is closed, when you try and use the card that is associated with that account via Apple Pay it will be declined.


So just to confirm, if a third party firm tried to return funds to the apple pay account (associated with the closed monzo account) the payment would be rejected at source?



The best way to think of it is that Apple Pay is just a picture of your card.

It’s not an account, it will mirror whatever your debit card does. So in this instance, they won’t be able to refund to you because you’ve closed the account.

Perfect thank you!