Apple Pay Terms Font

When you add your monzo card to Apple Pay, you are greeted with a few terms - much less than most other banks and in easy to understand English. However, it’s in Times New Roman font :face_vomiting:

Is there a way to change this to something more monzo or Apple?


59 :face_vomiting:


We’re limited with that we can do in that screen but it’s on the list of things I’d like to see if I can improve. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s great news, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I think you should just leave it as TNR :heart: :eyes:

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No no no no no! Fugly!

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Could always be Comic Sans, now that is a beautiful font.


Love Comic Sans :sweat_smile:


Hasn’t that dyslexia myth been debunked?

There was a study that everyone else quoted. I much prefer Arial :woman_shrugging:


I’ve not seen any evidence to support this (I’d love to see it if you have any) - but there are specialist fonts that have been designed for this purpose which should probably be the first stop (rather than comic sans) if you were trying to fix this specific problem. I think the easiest way to use them in Monzo is to just change the system font, though!

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I’m not dyslexic but never knew this was a thing. Thanks for educating me! :raised_hands:

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It’s either Barclaycard or First Direct, I can’t remember - but one of them doesn’t even set a background colour for their Terms page. This is fine when adding to Wallet on the phone, but when adding to the wallet for your watch in the Watch app, you end up with black text on a dark grey background.

Incredible work.

I guess it could be argued that Apple should just set a white background to the terms page by default, but still.

I’m a bit OCD with things like this but really? A screen of T&Cs that you only ever see when you add your card to Apple Pay? :rofl:

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