Anyone able to identify the Monzo font?

For the purpose of creating a few more mockups for the widgets and other ideas, I can’t seem to identify the font.

Does anyone know what it is? I used to see Maison Neue, Helvetica and Arial used to be used but its not the most dominant one anymore.

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Open Sans?

Unfortunately not, starting to think after an hour of scouting that it may be a custom font

For the mock-ups I’ve done recently, Open Sans (regular) for most text - with custom vertical spacing of 110% and custom horizontal spacing of 110% - seems to fit best. You’ll have to guess the pt size though (and colour!), depending on the required text display.

Generally text colour is black or mid-grey (#128,#128,#128) - but this’ll change with… Dark Mode :eyes:

It’s not ideal, but it is pretty, pretty close.


I’m pretty sure there is an old thread about this, can’t find it at the moment, but they could have changed the font since to be fair.


Managed to narrow one of the fonts down to what I think is Abitare Sans 250

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Pretty sure they just use the respective system fonts on each OS, but I’ve just woken up and could be wrong.

San Francisco for iOS and Roboto for Android.

They also use Maison Neue in a few places - the website being the main one.

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Looks like you’re right to a degree @hdwrng, SF UI Display seems to be the main font but for some reason the values are always a different font.

To be honest though, I’m sure it will do for the purpose!

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SF UI isn’t used any more. Is SF Pro any closer?

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Will have to check when I’m home after work, SF isn’t Windows compliant but UI was the only one I could find to quickly have a look at.

I suspect SF Pro might end up being the actual one

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Anyone tried taking a look on the site, inspect element & find out? :eyes: I’m sure they’d use the same font on the site? Maybe


Already looked, site references Miason Neue, Helvectica, Helvietica Neue and Arial but its none of those

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Some of the heading text on the site looks like Avenir.



Headers are: Avenir Next
Body: MaisonNeue

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For the website sure but I’m after the ones they tend to use in app, we’ve kinda identified one as of yet.

@cookywook Any help?

Sure, we use a whole bunch in various places. Think you’ve identified 'em already but here they are straight from the brand book.

Headline font: Avenir Next Bold
Body copy: Maison Neue Book/bold
Back-up fonts (we try to avoid these): Montserrat, Roboto, Helvetica, Maison Neue Mono (for data)

And in app:
iOS: SF UI Text
Android: Roboto


Thank you :heart:

What a hero, thank you so much!