App Store ranking

Noticed that starling is now ranked the number 5 app (financial services) on the App Store. Does anyone know how apps are ranked? And how does one boost its app rankings?

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In the iOS App Store, reviews are reset on every update. Not sure how many people know that. So the first step is to get all reviewers to re-submit new or updated reviews I’d imagine.

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Starling are where they are as they have a radio ad going on right now.


Do reviews influence the position in the chart?

I’ve always assumed position is solely based on download numbers

I thought this changed recently so that ratings could carry over?

It’s up to the developer, they can choose to reset the reviews or keep them from previous version.

Also, i’m pretty sure reviews have no impact on the chart.


Starling is now 3rd spot in the App Store :eyes:. Wonder if the ranking is influenced by paid activities or is it mainly determined by downloads, review volume, and review rating.

But if that’s the case then Revolut should ranked a lot higher since they probably have the highest number of reviews and review ratings - plus their weekly download numbers should be phenemonal.

Ratings are on a country by country basis, so even if Revolut had millions of downloads across Europe, if it didn’t add up to a significant number in a specific country it won’t chart highly.
I don’t think reviews affect the charts, but people do like to see apps with lots of good reviews.

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I think position depends from downloads, not from rating.
This positions is for UK downloads only…
Revoluts application available for download worldwide…