App seems to be completely dead right now

I’ve just made a large purchase and wanted to confirm the amount and shuffle some money out of pots. The app failed to update my balance several times (“something went wrong” error) and help failed to search any topics, so chat was unavailable.

I tried to reinstall and now it won’t even send the magic login email. Shows all green.

Anyone else having this?

Not spotted anything with the app, just moved some money around myself and had no issues.

Could it be a problem with your internet connection?

So obviously as soon as I post here it came back to life :slight_smile:

For the record my internet connection was fine, I was using it to post here and check the status page etc.

Anyway thanks for replying @tbutz. It’ll just be one of those mysteries unless it happens again.

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Glad it came back to life, although we won’t get to find out the cause. Do report back in if it happens again, though.

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