App permanently crashing

(Duncan) #1

I can’t open the app this morning. Was fine yesterday but today no dice. I have 3 new items shown on the icon badge, which is perhaps somehow the cause (at least two of them are new since I last opened the app). I’m using the TestFlight version. Not sure what to do.

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey @duncang, that’s not good! Can you delete and reinstall the app for me?

(Duncan) #3

I have deleted, but as it was installed from TestFlight I’m not quite sure how I should reinstall it? (There’s no “install me” or whatever link in TestFlight, it just says “UNAVAILABLE”)

(Tristan Thomas) #4

Aha, the version in the App Store is the current version then – if you install it from the App Store for now, and then move back to Testflight when we publish a new update :slight_smile:

(Duncan) #5

Good luck finding this bug then :frowning: