✅ [iOS] TestFlight v 2.2.0 (418) - Unstable


Anyone else having issues with TestFlight v 2.2.0 (418) (last week)… mine just crashes all the time…

Trying to view feed items - crashes
Trying to cancel Direct Debits - crashes
Trying to use Touch ID, disabled itself.
Just crashes randomly.

It’s not all the time just sometimes I see these issues, but more often than not…

I am running the latest iOS (not the 12 Beta) current stable release. But since that update it’s been terrible…

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Hey :wave:

Sorry to hear about this :disappointed:

Would you be able to try a delete and reinstall, to see if that improves things?

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Hi mate,

Thanks for your reply. I did try that but didn’t work… just tried it again and all seems to be working again… weird. Thanks though…