App no longer available?

(halcycon) #1

Unable to load the app, being told the Beta has expired (perhaps I haven’t updated in TestFlight for a while, but it’s also showing as unavailable in TestFlight…


You need to download it through the official Apple App Store. There’s no TestFlight beta running this now and the previous one has expired.

(Tristan Thomas) #3

What Andy said :slight_smile: When the version from TestFlight goes in to the App Store, it then becomes unavailable for download from TestFlight (I have no idea why they have it set up like this — it’s very counterintuitive). New betas will still go in TestFlight but that might be some time depending on what we’re working on :slight_smile:


When you submit to the app store then Apple automatically stops testflight testing on that build or earlier builds. It is possible to override this by uploading the build as a new prerelease version but it can be more hassle than it’s worth. If automatic updates are enabled on the device it’s pretty seamless for testers to be switched between a beta version and the production version without them noticing. Only when auto updates are off can it cause issues with builds ceasing to work.