Alpha users in a beta world

(Alex) #1

Congratulations on the public beta launch!

I’m just wondering if Alpha users will still get access to the TestFlight builds?

Also will this community forum be opened up to our new beta friends?

(Phil) #2

I am also confused about the two versions of the app (the one we’ve been using vs. App Store). Should we be downloading the App Store version? What are the pros and cons?

(meismyles) #3

If you were previously using TestFlight to install the app, you can now switch to the App Store for automatic updates – you’re welcome to stay on TestFlight though if you want to be on the bleeding edge of development.

Although for some reason at the moment the TestFlight build is behind the public build. Public build has the ability to send money but I’m sure they will push a new TestFlight build shortly.

(Stuart Cameron) #4

My TestFlight build now allows me to send money with no update…

(meismyles) #5

Same. Seems it was already in the build, just needed to receive a notification to unlock it.

(Tristan Thomas) #6

You’re very welcome to stay on TestFlight which will give you quicker updates (but more likely to break!). The App Store is more stable and has automatic updates :slight_smile:

(Phil) #7

Am I right in thinking that the app we got at the event is the ‘TestFlight’ version?

(Rika Raybould) #8

If Mondo has an orange dot next to it on your home screen, it’s the TestFlight version.

If you get notifications/emails about new versions from TestFlight and update through an app that looks like this (and not the regular App Store), you’re on (or at least have access to) the TestFlight version. You would have probably entered your email in to a page on a device at the event and received a code/link to get this.

(Phil) #9

Ok, I guess I always had the App Store one then. I don’t have the orange dot and when I pressed the upgrade button in the email, it took me to the App Store, but did nothing.