App login ideas!

Could we maybe also try and update the app so we could have a option of fingerprint, face recognition, or pin for choice??

Erm you can already, can’t you? :thinking:

I’m on Android with no face unlock. But if you have one it’s there as a toggle like Face ID on iOS.

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Hey thanks for getting back to me, yeah fingerprint works and was just unsure where there was an option now or in the future updates for face id or a 4 or 6 digit pin number to login instead? :grimacing:

Oh on iOS Face ID has been there absolutely ages.

The last I saw on Android was that it was being tested with Pixel 4 last November.

Looks like that got into labs

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Yeah so you should see it at the bottom in Labs as use new biometrics. This is what I see.

It changes the previous toggles to this:

and that did

Couldnt get this working :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I assume this:

EDIT: This will only work if your device supports biometric authentication! Some devices allow you to unlock your phone with your camera, but this is not biometric-based, and thus not secure enough.


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Most Android devices (other than the Pixel) don’t let other apps (e.g. Monzo) use their face recognition, as it isn’t secure enough