No fingerprint scanner - I can't secure my account

Hi all,

I recently upgraded to the Pixel 4 which uses face ID to unlock the phone, replacing the fingerprint scanner.

I liked having the option to require a fingerprint to open the Monzo app, and would like to have the same functionality with face ID but have been told this is not available.

Is this a feature I could see being implemented soon? It concerns me that anyone using my phone has access to my banking.



They are working on this


Thanks for this, appreciate the help

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No problem.

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Just to reassure you a little, although someone would have access to your banking app, remember that any actual transactions/payments/transfers need your pin number. So your money is just as secure as it ever was, but your banking data is a bit less private than it was.

I appreciate just the idea of someone being able to see your account can be unnerving though.

Yeah that’s what I’d figured, but like you say there’s still a privacy issue there. Glad to hear that it is being implemented soon though! I already miss the fingerprint scanner…

Can you not secure the account with a pin? If Toby perhaps this is an oversight by monzo. Otherwise you can set a pin on the phone itself I guess.

The pixel 4 also doesn’t have FaceID, it has face unlock. They are two different technologies at this point in time.

Do all Android phones have the secure folder? I know my S9 does.

You could put it in there to hide and secure it?

I haven’t found an option to secure with a pin unfortunately.

I’m not aware of that being on stock android, but will have a dig around and find out.

Not on stock Android, but there apps - particularly password managers - which offer locked areas in which sensitive data can be stored.

One Plus has this, but it’s a hidden drawer instead.

I also expressed this complaint to the team. Not every smart phone has the ability to use touch/Face ID and would be beneficial like other banking apps I use, if it at least has a pin code access before entering the app because it is very open. I appreciate that you can’t send money until the pin code is put in but other than that everything is open and it’s unfair that a security feature to prevent this is only limited to certain customers who happen to have that feature on their phone. A basic pin code before entering the app should be standard at the very least.

Do you have an unlock on your phone like a pattern on the touchscreen?

As you can see if the topic below and long time forum users will remember, securing the app with a PIN was an idea well over a year ago.

There was a poll on the forum, I even had an email about it. Unfortunately it appears to have landed on the ever growing pile of Monzo half baked/never implemented ideas that now gets no comments from Monzo staff. Seems it started off well but has fallen by the wayside.

A bit like customer service

Yep, but as far as I know you can’t use that to lock access to the app itself

I do but it doesn’t give you the option to use that on the app. According to their representatives, the only way to have a secure app is if you have Touch or Face ID…if you don’t you basically don’t benefit from having a completely secure app and anyone using your phone is open to your data