✅ Android Face Unlock doesn't work for Unlocking App

**Issue: Unable to use New Pixel 4 / Face Unlock mechanism to unlock the Monzo app

**Details to reproduce: Enabling the option to ‘unlock app by identity check’ results in a prompt that asks the user to setup fingerprint on their device. User doesn’t physically have a fingerprint reader on their device, but only the new Face Unlock (on the Pixel 4 series devices).
Please note the Face Unlock identity check has been working fine for authenticating payments and I currently have the new Biometrics API option enabled in Monzo Labs.
**OS: Android 10, Feb 2020 Update
**Device: Pixel 4 XL
**App Version: 3.19.0

**Screenshots: Enclosed

There’s a thread with an update from Monzo here:


Yes, that’s what I’ve been following. The last few posts on there are from myself and one member suggested I log a bug report.

It doesn’t work for me either on my Huawei P30 Pro running EMUI10. Enabled in labs. Only seems to want fingerprint unless I’m missing something obvious.

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Just updated the main app to 3.21.0 and this issue seems to be fixed :blush: Thanks to @guille and all other Devs :+1:t2:


Woohoo! :tada: