App layout- opening and pot

When app I think it should always open with your profile pic at the top with the list of accounts under, instead of opening where you closed the app. This would be more private if opening in a public place and a lot neater and more organised.
Also have the option to hide the saving account (pot) to save temptation :v:

If you are on android go to labs and the option to hide pots is there. On iOS it will be a while longer

I prefer it opening as it does now


Same. The main feed is a logical place to open rather then the pot list.


I’m happy with it opening on the transaction feed, but understand some people aren’t.

An option of ‘Open in…’ could therefore be an implementable solution, allowing the user to select from

  • Transaction Feed, or
  • Account List

(or somewhere else?).


On the opposite, I’d like it to open on my list of pots.

As above, an option as to which screen it opens up would be great.

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