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Not sure if this has been requested here yet but here goes.

I’d find it more convenient and a lot more user friendly if we could have the option of changing the page we see when we initially open the app.

My page of choice would be the full list of accounts, pots and other linked accounts visible such as the picture attached. This would give me a full idea of my account status, and then I head to where I want to go next.

I know its a simple swipe and swipe again to get to this screen, but from a user perspective it would be a lot more convenient to me, and having the choice available for everyone would be great (as some may prefer the design as it is now).

Or just click your profile picture top-left?

I see, thats still 1 step I’d personally like to remove to have a direct full overview of everything in the first instance.

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I agree and I’m sure this has been mentioned before.

But if you exit the app on that screen then that’s the screen you’re taken back to.

I have tendency to close all my apps fully to save power and unnecessary usage… running trend here :sweat_smile:

Interestingly apparently closing apps actually does the opposite and drains more battery.

That said, Most users still do it anyway including myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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100% by habit I do it :joy:

I think it’s definitely the time to make that screen a tab in its own right.

My take on it here:


To have the overview, payments, and then statement/transactions tab would be my way.

I can’t imagine I’ll need help too often, and this can be reached either on the transaction if related, or in the profile/settings section. If the fourth was a profile tab for ease of access that would suit.

I have a Samsung s10 5g so the screen is quite big and mildly inconvenient to reach to the top to access my profile (sheer laziness), but within thumbs reach would be great.