App has stolen Monzo's logo?

Has this app stolen Monzo’s logo?


They’re both Ms made with simple geometric shapes, but the shapes are different.

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Probably enough in that for trademark infringement.

Looks like Ilixia was using a different logo at some point:

Definitely agree. I’m not lawyer but it looks like a grayscale Monzo logo to me…


Having been to a Trademark Tribunal at the Patent Office I found there is an issue that trademarks can be registered under different business categories or codes so two similar trademarks say both under Business Banking would not be allowed but if one was under Printing and Publishing and the other under Agricultural Farming that could be allowed (I made up categories for ilustration purposes as don’t have the list to hand)





Trademarks are specific to the category one is trading under. I’m no lawyer, but I’m pretty sure a camera app and a banking app aren’t the same category.

As for copyright, I personally just don’t see it… Both are Ms built inside a square with geometric shapes, yes. But the shapes are substantially different as is the background.


My company was involved in a three year trademark dispute over a symbol. The symbols did not look alike, it was just the fact that they were of a similar type.

In my experience, if those two were trademarks registered in the same class, that would be enough.

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It does look like a blatant rip-off at first glance. But I can also see how it could be a coincidence.

Start with a square with an M in it. Another square, 45 degree swivel, chop off overhanging bits.

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‘Imitation is the best form of flattery’

but i think seeing that the two companies operate in such different fields, would be difficult to prove that MirrorLabs is taking away business from Monzo


Things change though… the Beatles’ Apple trademark was for music, they sued and the computer company Apple was not allowed to operate in that field. When the ipod came out the dispute was reopened which is why the Beatles catalogue was not available on itunes for a long time. Ultimately it ended with Apple computer buying out Apple Music’s rights for a rumoured half billion.

Absolutely, that’s why I distinguished trademark from copyright. I can see them being similar enough (I am not a lawyer) to win in a trademark case, but unlikely in a copyright case.

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I used to work for Mitie, they had a complete rebrand and rumour was that they’d been threatened by BMW as their old logo was similar to the M series logo.

Two completely difference sectors, cars and facilities/security.

Don’t know why it suddenly became a thing, as they’d had that logo since the mid-80s.

So if you are in the same industry you can’t have the same logo etc however if separate it does not matter?

Then who was Mondo before Monzo as they must have been in the same industry?

I don’t recall seeing anything on it at the time.

But it doesn’t say who initiated it though… like was it Natwest, Barclays or some TCB?

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Yeah, I know :confused:
It wasn’t made public and I’m not sure it ever will be :frowning:

I guess Monzo will have to deal with this whenever they launch down under :smile:

…Simple Finance Technology Corporation, USA

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Wait, Mondo had to rename to Monzo because of “Safe to spend” trademark… how can you trademark a phrase like “safe to spend”…