App freezes when trying to see PIN/card number

Issue: When clicking “See my card number” or “Get a PIN reminder” on the home screen, after using biometrics to confirm my identity, the app freezes and must be restarted to resume functionality.

A fix would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Details to reproduce: Click PIN & card on homescreen, click into either option and confirm identity. The app freezes after this step without showing either number.
OS: 8.0.0 Android Oreo
Device: Samsung Galaxy S9
App Version: 3.69.1

Screenshots: N/A

Hi @Buddy & welcome :wave:

I can’t reproduce this error on my Pixel 5 running Android 11, with Monzo 3.70.0 - both options work OK without crashing.

Usually, weird issues like this can be rectified with the usual log-out, uninstall Monzo app, restart your device, download & install Monzo app, login dance :bananadance: