App forgets Face ID on iPhone and Fingerprint on iPad

Every 2nd or 3rd log-in defaults back to email, and re-entry of notifications, log-in, etc. Am I missing something? Thanks

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My guess is you are also trying to use it on another iOS device? If so this is the problem, you can’t use it on two concurrently.

If that isn’t the case then maybe one for @iOS_Health

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@Colinho can you clarify if this means you are getting bumped back out to the welcome screen?

Can you also give us a bit more information about your device (model, OS version, app version etc.). Thanks.

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Thanks Dave - main issue is on iPhone 12 Pro Max, IOS 16.4.1 App 5.23.0 #906, yes back at the welcome screen, then accept notifications, then have to turn on Face ID for both sections offered.
I read a couple of previous posts, so not sure if I’m actually guilty of closing the app, and instigating the effect. I’ll watch what my fingers do for the rest of the day :wink:

Are you switching between your iPad and iPhone?

If you log in to one, then move to the other, you’ll have to do the magic email dance each time you go back and forth.

Yep - that’ll be the issue. Just used to duplicating apps between the two, so never even thought about that. Thanks

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