App for BlackBerry Q10

Can you use monzo app on BlackBerry Q10…?
I gave my golden ticket to son but he has a new Nokia 3310 3g that won’t support the app so he can’t get a monzo card :frowning: so my husband wants a card but has a BlackBerry Q10 …i would appreciate your advice :slight_smile:

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No as it runs on BlackBerry OS and that is not supported, if it was Android then it would be fine.

Thank you for swift reply …now to ask Daughter who has an iphone6 …i presume this will support the app ?

Yes, it runs great on any iPhone with iOS 10 or above. So as long as she’s updated the OS it will run well. :+1:

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Brilliant I will send her my golden ticket :slight_smile:


Hey Amanda!

So the Blackberry Q10 was one of the final wave of Blackberry devices than ran their own Blackberry operating system which we don’t support.

Our app runs only on two operating systems - iOS (Apple devices) and Android (Google, LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Xiaomi, Nokia, Sony, Huawei)

All Blackberry devices released in the last 2 years, however, also run Android! So if your husband wants to still use a Blackberry, but also have access to our app, then he could get one of the recent Blackberry devices.

The ones that run Android are : Blackberry Priv, DTEK 50, DTEK 60, KeyOne, Aurora, and Motion. The KeyOne is the latest one with a keyboard. All of these devices will be able to run our app :grinning:


KeyOne is a cool device

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I agree. I would personally love to see another Android device with a horizontal keyboard though.

Closest thing at the moment is this magnetic mod for the Moto Z.

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Unhelpful addendum: BB10 phones can run Android apps, but only up to Android 4.3 and the Monzo app needs Android 5 or above.

When the Monzo API v2 is launched, somebody can dust off the old Cascades/Qt SDKs and write an app for BB10 I guess? Though you’ll have to have signed up via another phone first I’d wager. And said app would have a target user group of about 3, unless it also supported other Qt-based non-android phones in which case maybe 7 users.


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