App Evolution (new look Monzo app): Feedback Megathread 📣

Assume you mean the other way round cause my Monzo app was in light mode, phone was in dark


I think they are asking how you’ve managed to go back to using a different coloured card without ordering a new one.

How did you get a yellow and then a pink and then a yellow.

Just through the app. It was months ago, but I think cuz another card was waiting activation (green maybe) it let me choose another neon so went yellow.


I hope it’s not.

I love the ability to glance what’s upcoming, perhaps a toggle for those who don’t want to see pending transactions here.


Fair enough! Or perhaps two sections latest transactions and upcoming transactions would be the answer here.


I’d prefer them as one with the option to show/hide upcoming etc. Separate ones is not going to be helpful to reducing the scroll length of the screen etc.


I mean is that not how its already displayed, pending transactions show right at the top no?

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I think there has been some interchangeable use of the terms pending and upcoming. In both cases I think @Callumrhys is talking about transactions that have not yet happened (e.g. direct debit due to be paid tomorrow, etc). I think what @Callumrhys wants is to not see these not-yet-occurred transactions in the small (3 transaction) glanceable widget shown on the home screen, and instead only see the latest transactions that have actually happened.

At the moment if you have 3 or more not-yet-occurred transactions at the top of your latesr activity widget you have to click see all to see the latest transaction that has actually taken place.

Not sure what the best solution is here, but it seems a reasonable thing for Monzo to consider.


Yes exactly this!


Yeah, it can be a bit frustrating. I had some Direct Debits show up before the bank holiday Friday, and they were sat blocking the Latest Activity feed until Tuesday, effectively making it useless.

Maybe upcoming DDs etc could be rolled up in the Activity view, so they only take up one line?


Was just in the middle of suggesting something like this…

Perhaps when there are upcoming transactions the Latest Activity widget could grow to 4 rows instead of 3 and upcoming transactions could be limited to the one extra row. The one extra row would say something like “£x in y upcoming transactions”. You would then have to tap on that row for more details of the individual upcoming transactions.


That’s exactly how I imagine it working. It’s great to be able to see whats upcoming, at a glance, but don’t block up the feed.

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This looks incredible and thank you for the update! I’m very excited about the customisation and making the app perfect for my every day needs, I love managing my money and this looks like it’s about to get even better.

I think a refinement of pots to show personal and shared is a great idea, I noticed in your snippet video that there’s now a single total and a joint total, love that! I’m not a fan of you adding bright coral icons onto the activity tab logo’s though, could we get those in grey maybe? I understand it makes the text simpler so visually will help but it’s quite prominent to have on every transaction.

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I think the “Add Money” button/flow on the Monzo account card needs tweaking. I’ve just watched my mum get bamboozled by it. For context, she is a non-techie person, doesn’t have any interest in fintech, and doesn’t spend lots of time exploring features. She is comfortable with standard/traditional bank transfers (and had previously been using this method to send money to Monzo from her other bank). She has no idea what open banking is, and will see no value benefit in this approach to transferring money.

However, because the new “Add Money” button on the home feed is so prominent she tapped on it assuming that’s what she now needs to do to add money to her Monzo account going forward. She then scrolled down and tapped on her bank, entered how much she wanted to transfer and was then transferred to her bank website to make the open banking connection/approval (she doesn’t keep her other bank app on her phone, and doesn’t want to). Because she never visits her other bank website on her phone the page was then overlayed with the cookie permissions popup. This was all confusing for her and she had to then ask me what was happening.

Looking at the page that pops up when you tap “add money” I see you are basically pushing people to use open banking over other methods. There is an “other ways to add money” button, but its right at the bottom of the list. Like what happened to my mum its likely that many won’t notice this option because they will tap their bank before they see this.

I think you should provide a “ways to add money” screen as the first thing you see when you tap add money. This should be the current “other ways to add money” screen with open banking added as an option to the list. Only when you tap open banking should you get to what is currently the “add money” screen. This will give it better context and will make it more obvious to people that the other methods are still available.

The TLDR version of my feedback here is don’t assume everyone knows about, is comfortable with, or would prefer to use open banking for transferring money.


Yes I don’t see why this add money option is at all prominent. Monzo is a bank account. Your employer transfers money in every month and people can use bank transfers to put money in if required. The account details are easy to find.

It’s not a prepaid top up card and they should be ditching any UI elements like this which make it seem like one. This option could be far more hidden away.


I actually don’t think the prominence of the “add money” button is the main issue. I can see benefits. It could for example help new users discover options that they may have assumed were not available (e.g. salary/cash/cheque deposits), and for old users it may just be a more convenient location than having it tucked away somewhere.

For me, the issue is that when you tap add money you’re taken to a screen that emphasises open banking transfer above all else (and so doesn’t do a good job with providing awareness of or access to the various options). I think it would be much better if you were instead taken directly to the current “other ways to add money” screen, with open banking transfer added as an option on this screen.


My problem with ‘add money’ as one of my main jobs to do in the app is to ‘send money’ or make a payment, the add money options has felt to me, dare I say it’s a bit, pre pay Monzo days.


I agree. ‘Add Money’ shouldn’t be where it it - maybe under the blue ‘Add’ button at the top?

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Wait why’s everyone so quiet when the updated layout settings have arrived onto the app? :eyes:

It’s in the Core update topic :grin:

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