App deals (Mac OS, Windows, Android, iOS)

Let’s have a general purpose thread for deals! So we can all find out when there’s a good discount or a temporary freebie available.

Reeder 3 for Mac OS is free right now for those of you who like RSS :slight_smile:


Not so much a deal, but I saw it on app of the day this week, and was impressed!

Photobooks gives you a free* 20 page photo album every month! You just need to pay the £5.99 postage.

You can have up to 6 photos on each page, and the standard size is 7 X 5 - There are paid for upgrades like photo paper, bigger sizes etc.

Each additional page is 35p.

I’ve tried it this month, so I’ll let you know what the quality is like.

FreePrints Photobooks by PlanetArt

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Good spot @simonb, thank you. R-

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Really appreciate you pointing this out. I’ve been wanting this for a while but couldn’t justify spending a tenner on an app

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My favourite price is £FREE. Thank you!

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Photo book (and photo tiles) arrived this morning, and I have to say, I’m so so impressed with them!

I never print photos off, and after taking them on my phone, I rarely do anything with them.

I’m going to do one of these every month! Great for presents as well.



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